A Few Photos & Notes

As promised here are a few photos of some of the fine work being done at Coveleski Stadium.

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The brick facade looks terrific and certainly beats the bare concrete. Gives the park a real clean look. Beyond the left field wall is the synagogue, which in due time will become our souvenir shop. The real close up shot is of the new home plate suite. Figures to offer a pretty darn good view of the game. Pre-existing indoor suites are under renovation and outdoor suites are being added on both baselines. There will be ample opportunity for group and corporate outings. With the splash pad being installed in the right field corner, and the fun zone on tap for left-center, the kids will be sufficiently entertained as well.

You’ll notice the clouds … hate to play meteorologist (although, if I ever went back to school, that is what I would study) but the weather has really cooperated this month. Temperatures have been good great and it has been dry enough so as to not disturb the renovations. Anyway, don’t be fooled by the pictures.

Speaking of disturbing… work was being done right on top of my office yesterday. Specifically, drilling. It was like a bad trip to the dentist. The only thing missing was the Novocaine.


The Silver Hawks will remain an Arizona Diamondbacks affiliate through 2014. The Hawks player development contract was due for expiration after this season. There were rumors that the Hawks were going to hook up with the Cubs, but Mr. Berlin quickly put those to bed.

Peyton Manning will be a Bronco. What? Yes, Peyton Manning will be a Bronco. Rumor has it that part (likely a very small part) of the reason Peyton chose Denver is that he is friends with Rockies first baseman Todd Helton, whom he played football with at Tennessee. Peyton actually replaced Todd as the team’s starting QB in 1994. They remain close and the rest is history. Peyton will be a Hall of Famer in football, will Todd make the baseball HOF? I’d imagine so.

That is all for now…

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