A Few More…

In anticipation of our own roster announcement, here are a few more MWL teams that have released rosters today. We mentioned, Dayton, Fort Wayne, Kane County and Lansing yesterday… West Michigan and Bowling Green joined the mix today.

To read more about the Hawks opponent Thursday — the Hot Rods — take a look at their roster … here.

The Hawks won’t see West Michigan until May, but you can take a look at their opening day roster … here.

Worth nothing, in Bowling Green you have a pair of former Western Kentucky Hilltoppers making the roster while in West Michigan you have the grandson of Al Kaline and the son of Tiger’s Manager Jim Leyland on the roster. Pitcher Nick Avila is the cousin of Tigers catcher Alex Avila and the nephew Tigers VP Al Avila.

The next time you hear from me, the roster will have been announced. A week from today, barring weather, three games will be in the books. A week from tomorrow is the home opener at The Cove.

Where is Alex Trebek when we need him? Maybe this will help.




I have been checking your blog every couple of hours today watching for the roster posting. THANK YOU for keeping Hawk Nation up to date on this.

Mark A.

I am the father of a player and can not wait for the season to start. I will be there opening week. Looks like a beautiful ball park. I wish they would post the roster. There are going to be some real talent I think.

Beautiful is right! You are indeed correct… tons of talent.

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