I’m still here…

Good evening,

Apologies for the infrequent posts lately. I’ve been busy attending to a few of the technical things. This hasn’t exactly been a two-day vacation at The Waffle House for me… although, it is worth noting that there is a Waffle House on every block in this town. Okay, not that many, but there are a lot. I’m from California so I don’t have a huge background with the establishment.

A few things that have stood out thus far.

I feel that Matt Helm is playing a terrific third base thus far. He’s committed a couple errors – including one tonight – but what isn’t showing up on the stat sheet are the exceptional plays he’s made that have prevented extra-base hits and runs. The double-play he turned in the fourth inning tonight saved at least one runs, maybe two. While he has committed some errors, that comes with the territory at 3B. He takes pride in his defense and that is apparent.

Ender Inciarte is a great fit at the leadoff spot. Puts the ball in play, has good speed and draws walks. Not a huge strikeout guy either.

I think the bullpen will be a big time strength in due time. Lots of guys that were accustomed to taking the ball real late in games last season. We saw Seth Simmons today, we have not yet seen D.J. Johnson. Taylor Siemens looked very sharped yesterday.

Check out the Visalia Silver Hawks Rawhide box score. Lots of familiar names.

Also check out the view from broadcast booth in Bowling Green. I’ve had to keep a lot of my pitch calls pretty ambiguous.

Let’s see if the Hawks can salvage a win tomorrow.




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