4/10 vs. FW

Fort Wayne: 8

South Bend: 1


A few points on tonight’s game:

  • It was cold. The temperature was right around 35 degrees at first pitch and we had a few flurries. Scary to think that it still could have been a lot worse. The good news is we got the game in… the bad news is that it kept many of the casual fans away. To those braved the cold, thank you.
  • Cody Hebner is very good. I’m not comfortable saying Hebner is the best pitcher the Hawks have faced this season because who am I to make that call? Every pitcher in the Midwest League is talented. Every one. However, I will say that Hebner’s performance was the best the Hawks have faced to this point. Hebner was hitting 95 MPH early in the game and his first six outs were strikeouts.
  • It was pretty cold.
  • Defense was a bright spot. Josh Parr played a rock solid shortstop and the double play he helped turn in the first inning was hardly routine. Matt Helm continues to pick it at third. He also drove in another run and extended his hitting streak to five (as did Ender Inciarte).
  • J.R. Bradley had a rough first inning, settled down in the second and third innings, and was chased from the game int he fourth. J.R. didn’t walk anyone and the TinCaps earned every run they got. It will be interesting to see how J.R. responds next start.

Tomorrow should be fun as fans get to see Archie 2.0 for the first time at the Cove. He should be pretty fired up to pitch at home — he wasn’t too happy with the loss in his first start. Hawks have a chance to take the series from Fort Wayne.



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