Pitching probables

The players arrived in earnest today and with so many returning players everyone seemed very comfortable with each other and with South Bend. Not a total surprise, considering a good chunk of the team either played together in Missoula or South Bend last season. Needless to say, it was a good sign from a “team chemistry” standpoint.

The team got its uniforms and were introduced to the Hawks Front Office. After that they had batting practice followed by a simulated game. I have posted pictures of said game below.

A few of the pitchers who tossed in the simulated game were J.R. Bradley and Jesse Darrah — Jesse is slated to start the Monday home opener and Bradley has the Tuesday tilt vs. Fort Wayne. So pitching today keeps both of them on schedule. And that brings me to the topic at hand… the tentative pitching probables for this weekend. Is “tentative pitching probables” an oxymoron? Don’t think so… just redundant I think.

Thursday: RHP Archie Bradley

Friday: RHP Jeffrey Shields

Saturday: LHP John Pedrotty

Sunday: Off

Monday: RHP Jesse Darrah

Tuesday: RHP J.R. Bradley

Again, subject to change, and if it does … you will be the first to know.

A self-promotional programming note. Thursdays game — and all games for that matter — can be found here. I will also post a link in the blog. You can also click “Multimedia / Silver Hawks Broadcasts” on http://www.silverhawks.com. Whatever floats your boat, really.

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